Potatoes Are Slaves Food. Potatoes brought specifically to feed the SLAVES, a man who ate potatoes become sluggish and stupid, you can do with It what you want, what you order, then he will do!

Slows the speed of thought and consciousness, therefore we so long and persistently argued that the potato is the 2nd Bread and we're nowhere without her... Cheap and Mean.
Peter 1 brought it from Europe and forced to plant instead of Turnips, the Russian national food of our ancestors. People called it the Devil's Apple... and strongly opposed the replacement of turnips on the satanic product.

Potatoes practically do not give a person energy. The nature of the potato is weak and insecure. The body after use is sluggish, acidic, and weak-willed.

Solid Potato energy gives Starch, which is not amenable to acid-base treatment in the Body.
Potatoes are not combined with any products. From the use of potatoes, the immune system is sharply blocked, the thinking process is sharply reduced, the person turns into a stupid dumb Animal.

Potatoes are a very mucus-forming product, and mucus is not excreted from the body for 99%, but remains in the body and causes the birth of new diseases and ailments. Medicine does not know about it or is silent... as will lose 10's of millions of customers.

Both potatoes and all kinds of noodles and flour products contain a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates and starch. Their excessive use interferes with the flow of basic metabolism in the body. Simple carbohydrates are better to replace complex, which are in cereals.

Potatoes can be eaten only YOUNG not older than 2 months and only boiled. It is good to bake in the oven with the peel, it contains potassium and substances that process potatoes.


Just so the body can not absorb starches, for this to happen a huge number of chemical reactions to convert the most complex starch into simple sugars, only they know and can digest the body. The conversion of starch in the body is mainly aimed at satisfying the need for sugar.

Moreover, the technology of converting starch into digestible simple sugars is not only complex, time-consuming, and significantly stretched over time (from 2 to 4 hours). It requires a huge expenditure of energy and biologically active substances (vitamins B, B2, B3, PP, C, etc.).

Without enough vitamins and trace elements, starch is almost not digested: ferments, rots, poisons, clogs the capillary network. Starch is practically insoluble in any of the known solvents. It has only the property of colloidal solubility.
The study of colloidal solutions of starch showed that its solution does not consist of individual starch molecules, but of primary particles-micelles, including a large number of molecules.

Starch contains two fractions of polysaccharides: amylase and amylopectin, sharply differing in properties. * Amylases in starch 15-25 %. It dissolves in hot water (80° C), forming a transparent colloidal solution. * Amylopectin is 75-85% of starch grains.
Thus, when exposed to the starch of hot water, an amylase solution is formed, which is strongly condensed by swollen amylopectin. The resulting thick and viscous mass-mass is called paste.

The same paste is formed in the gastrointestinal tract. And the finer ground flour, which is baked our bread, pasta, etc., the better the paste glues!
It glues, clogs the suction microvilli of the duodenum and the lower-lying sections of the small intestine, turning them off from digestion first partially, then almost completely.

That is where lies the cause of poor assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Insufficient absorption of iodine (starch makes it almost indigestible) leads to many diseases (up to cancer), but the most specific disease is hypothyroidism, which is insufficient thyroid function.

And the reason is still the same - "waterlogging" starches (and other toxins) of connective tissue, the growth of the thyroid gland itself. In the large intestine, this mass of starch, dehydrated, sticks to the walls of the colon, forming fecal stones. These long-term deposits turn off, literally, the work (primarily blood supply) of those organs that provide nutrients to a certain area of absorption in the colon. 

Stones block the absorption, because of this, the body does not receive nutrients, it first withers then atrophies and becomes ill. The microflora of the large intestine, its acidity, its ability to produce essential amino acids are disturbed.
The glycemic index of baked potatoes is 95. This is higher than sugar and honey combined. That is, almost instantly baked potatoes increases the sugar content to the maximum possible. Excess sugar starts the process of "fat deposition". So the body regulates the amount of glucose.

Having experienced the fullness of satiety, because of the low calorie in an hour, and maybe earlier, a person will again experience hunger. Then another and another. The cycle of eating potatoes becomes endless. In this case, the person will begin to gain weight fairly.
On this basis, fast food will never give up potatoes, as this will mean a decrease in profits. Fried potatoes and French fries-the most brutal blow to the body.
In the process of frying potatoes evaporates moisture. It is replaced by fat. The calorie content of potatoes begins to rise and often rolls over the mark 400 (carbohydrates).

Against the background of rapid digestibility, obviously, all this fat will be under your skin.

Tubers, lying in the light, turn green, they accumulate the strongest poison-solanine. Especially a lot of it in sprouted. In large doses, solanine destroys red blood cells and depresses the Central nervous system. The ingestion of solanine in the body causes dehydration, fever, convulsions.

For a weakened body, all this can turn into a fatal outcome. Neutralize the poison will not help any heat treatment. According to Austrian scientists, the adverse effect of solanine has when its content rises to 40 milligrams per 100 grams of potatoes.
In autumn, 100 grams of freshly dug potatoes solanine is not more than 10 milligrams. In the spring it can be three times more, and it concentrates mainly in the green places of the tuber and closer to the peel.
What To Replace Chips?????


- Turnips are easy to Replace potatoes and All the parameters are easily superior to her.

- Turnips are easily and completely digested in the Body.

- Turnips can be boiled, fried, baked, stuffed, marinated, etc.

- Turnips were not only fed but treated. Turnip is a low-calorie product rich in vitamins.

- Turnip saturates but does not start excess weight.

- Mineral salts and essential oils contained in turnips can serve as a universal complex that regulates health. No wonder there were so many tales and sayings about turnips.

- This root has wound healing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic effects.

In addition to the fact that properly cooked turnips are very tasty, it is also incredibly useful.

- Turnip juice is drunk when coughing, sore throat (from a simple cold to restore completely "sat down" voice).

- It relieves asthma symptoms, improves sleep and calms the heartbeat.

- Boiled turnip is ground in a pulp and apply to the sore areas of gout.

- And even toothache removed decoction of turnips.

- A large amount of fiber in turnips stimulates intestinal motility.

In winter, we often feel the decline of forces and blame the lack of vitamins. But what we really lack is not vitamins, but solar energy. And this solar energy was replenished in Russia, it turns out, just - a vegetable turnip. And if you do not eat turnips, then, no matter how you try to diversify your table with products, but your body will not receive solar energy in abundance... Hence the feeling that there are not enough vitamins.

Turnip is an amazing and unique product of human nutrition in its full cosmic sense (both physical and subtle body).

It has a yellow color: although it grows in the earth, it feeds on the sun through Mother Earth.

TURNIPS very benevolently affects the JOINTS. It gives the material for the inter-articular fluid. Dancing squatting and eating turnips allows the knee joints to remain young for a long time.

TURNIPS can be steamed and then dried - in this form it is stored for a long time and does not lose its qualities.

TURNIP strengthens the heart many times stronger than dried apricots and raisins!
But most importantly-in TURNIP is surprising energy, inherent only it, which is called " kostus." This energy is the building material for the subtle human body. Turnip creates, she simply is building aura!

The great utility of turnips scientists know, but do not talk about it, as a return to their products - a return to themselves, in other words - a return of divine energies.
HERE is what ADVICE-if sensed weakness bodies and spirit - in during one-two weeks eat turnips and carrot, grown you (better soar), and drink spring water.

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